Signs That You Need to Buy a New Desktop PC

By | April 14, 2017


You can always replace an old or malfunctioning computer hardware. But here are clues when doing so is no longer enough and you need to buy a brand new PC instead.

The great thing about desktop PCs is that if a particular component breaks down, you can just replace it. You can even upgrade it even if it’s still working well. You don’t have to buy a complete package at all.


But even a PC has a shelf life. There will come a time when it’s not enough for you to replace the hard disk, put in more RAM, or do a thorough cleaning of the hard drive. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  1. You can’t use it to do what you want. For example, you want to download games or apps, but the spec requirements are beyond your current PC specs. You can try to upgrade, but then you realize that you will basically have to replace everything—the motherboard, the processor, the video card, the RAM, and the hard disks. When what you aim to accomplish requires such a massive overhaul, it usually means it’s time to get a brand new PC.

It’s the same thing when you just want to watch Netflix. You don’t just need a very fast Internet connection. You also need a robust hardware to handle the task, and that may be beyond the capabilities of a very old computer.

  1. You spend more time on fixing the computer. A desktop PC is like an old car. Eventually, it has to go to the repair shop, if only for maintenance and for repairs every now and then. But if you constantly need to have it repaired every month or so, then it’s not just a problem with a specific hardware component. You have a problem with the entire PC.
  2. You can’t use modern technology. Sometimes a new gadget can only work for newer PC models, because the manufacturer assumes that you don’t have an ancient machine. So if you can’t use the latest monitors or routers, or if you don’t have the USB slots for an accessory, then maybe it’s time to upgrade to a new PC.
  3. You use your tablet or smartphone for tasks you used to do on your PC. When you start to realize that you have become more dependent on your mobile devices then you really have a problem. A modern tablet or smartphone doesn’t have the processing speed, memory, and storage capacity of a modern PC. So if you find that working with these mobile devices is more efficient, you need to get that dinosaur out of your office and install a new one.

Also, if your PC can’t use Windows 7, you really need to say goodbye to it. Windows is now going to Windows 10, although there are still many holdouts using Windows 7. If your PC can only handle Windows XP or Vista…well you get the idea.


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