How a Tablet Helps Students in Class

By | October 13, 2015


A tablet can be a very effective device for entertainment. For teens, you can use it to play all kinds of games whether you’re at home or at the park with your friends. You can use it to watch movies, check your email, or engage others on social networks. You can even use it as a phone or as a camera to take pictures and videos.


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But tablets are also very helpful with schoolwork. It offers a wide range of benefits, such as the following:

  • Ebook reader. Why bring real books with you when you can just use electronic textbooks instead? With a digital textbook, you can easily search for specific paragraphs and pages. Digital textbooks are also more affordable. And with a tablet, you can annotate or highlight passages, just like you would on a paper textbook. So there’s no need to go to school with a large (and heavy) backpack. You’re in school, and not traveling in Europe.
  • Notetaking. When you’re listening to a lecture, you can use the pen to take notes instead of using the keyboard. This is much better when your typing skills aren’t good, or if you need to write down formulas or draw designs. Using a pen is simply much faster than trying to figure out in MS Word how to create diagrams or draw shapes.

It’s also much better than using pen and paper, as you can easily erase your mistake. What’s more, you can then just save your drawings and your notes as a digital file. It’s even possible to convert your handwritten notes into a text file.

  • Homework. You can also use a tablet much like a laptop. You can go online and do your research, and then you can type your paper. In many colleges, homework is now required in digital format, and it can even be graded and returned digitally as well.

Of course, with the right apps you don’t necessarily have to submit a written document. It can be in a form of video, an image, or even a sound file. You can edit all these files with a tablet and the right apps.

  • Classroom work. In some classes, professors use tablets for interacting with students, just like teachers used to distribute papers to students. With the right apps, you can even display your work on the board for all to see, or to distribute it among your classmates.
  • Teamwork. You can collaborate with a classmate and work together to solve math problems or work on a project through online shared whiteboards. So you can work together even if you’re not together physically.

So why burden yourself with a heavy laptop when a tablet is available? Unless you’re doing a lot of video editing, a tablet is the more practical choice for a student.

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