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6 Tips for Buying a Serious Gaming PC

Serious gamers know that the best gaming experience can be experienced with a desktop PC and not on a console, a laptop, or a tablet. But that just begs the question: just how do you buy a gaming PC? Try to google the topic online and you’ll find a lot of buying guides full of… Read More »

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Signs That You Need to Buy a New Desktop PC

You can always replace an old or malfunctioning computer hardware. But here are clues when doing so is no longer enough and you need to buy a brand new PC instead. The great thing about desktop PCs is that if a particular component breaks down, you can just replace it. You can even upgrade it… Read More »

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The Most Common Mistakes When Buying a PC

  Everyone has their “face palm moments” especially when they’re buying something expensive and/or complicated such as when buying a PC. So before you buy a desktop or laptop PC, recognize the errors in the following actions: Buying a PC from a nearby store. This is not a good idea for several reasons. For one,… Read More »

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4 Reasons a Desktop PC is Better Than a Laptop

Tablets and laptops have become more popular than desktop PCs. But here are key functions that desktop rigs still do much better than their mobile counterparts.  For more than a decade now, pessimists have been proclaiming the eventual demise of the desktop PC. And in some ways, they’re right. It’s true that desktop systems are… Read More »

3 Lies about PC Hardware That Just Won’t Go Away

For many people, learning about PC hardware is like rocket science. But even if you’re not a technical person, you should be aware of the truths and lies about your PC’s components. The problem with doing research online is that often the info you get isn’t accurate. This is especially true for PC hardware. Computers… Read More »

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