Benefits of Tablets for Business

By | February 3, 2017


Here are 3 basic ways to boost your work productivity with the help of a tablet.

There’s no doubt that the computer has a profound effect on how we do business these days. That’s why you hardly see any business—even small ones—that doesn’t use a desktop or laptop. Then cell phones and smartphones came into the picture, and it meant that people can now stay connected even when they’re on the road. What’s more, they can also go online and do research even if they’re out of the office.


The tablet is like the middle ground between smartphones and computers. Its computing capability can let you do many business-related tasks including writing documents, checking your email, logging to social media, and taking videos and photos. At the same time, like smartphones they are much more portable than laptops and desktops.

So how can a tablet help you out when you’re running a small business? Here are some ways it can benefit you:

  1. Make presentations. If you’re meeting a client in a coffee shop or in their office, you don’t need to lug a heavy laptop with you. A smaller tablet is a handy device that can let you show pictures and videos of the products and services you offer.

When you show your presentation to a large group, you can even use your tablet as a teleprompter. You can put in the text of your presentation or you can just include the highlights which you can then explain in detail to them.

  1. Offer estimates, contracts, and invoices. It’s always crucial to close a deal early. So if you’re an interior decorator or a plumbing contractor, you can provide an immediate estimate of the costs for your client. It can be itemized clearly with prices for labor and for various parts.

Then you can present a contract to the client, and the two of you can negotiate the terms. The tablet enables you to edit the contract right there and then, so there are no potential misunderstandings regarding what was agreed.

Once that’s done, you can even issue an invoice right away, so you can get paid more quickly. There’s even a tablet POS system for this purpose.

  1. Separate work from play. Even when you’re in the office, a tablet can work wonders for you. This is especially true if you use a main computer for work. In the office, when you check your email you’ll invariably receive personal email messages. You may stumble upon intriguing articles and news reports that can divert your attention from work. You may be tempted to watch videos on YouTube or spend time on Facebook.

But you can use your tablet for your personal needs while you’re in the office. You can set up a separate Gmail account purely for personal messages, and you can set your tablet for this account.

A tablet can be a very productive business tool that you can use on the road and in the office.