4 Reasons a Desktop PC is Better Than a Laptop

By | October 1, 2015


Tablets and laptops have become more popular than desktop PCs. But here are key functions that desktop rigs still do much better than their mobile counterparts. 

For more than a decade now, pessimists have been proclaiming the eventual demise of the desktop PC. And in some ways, they’re right. It’s true that desktop systems are no longer the de facto computer systems these days. Laptop sales have exceeded desktop PCs and now tablets are poised to overtake laptops as well.

But desktops will always be with us despite their lack of portability, because they have capabilities that cannot be matched by even the most advanced laptops and tablets.


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Here are some functions for which a desktop rig is easily the best choice:

    1. Gaming. This is perhaps the most popular reason for choosing a desktop PC over a mobile computer. There’s nothing that laptop or tablet gaming can offer (besides playing outdoors) that a desktop system cannot match or surpass. Even gaming consoles cannot match the performance of gaming desktop PCs.

With a desktop PC, you can customize to your heart’s content. You can pick the size of monitor you want, or even choose to use several monitors at once. You can choose the best sound card and speaker system. You can get keyboards with special keys and other features that make them especially useful for gaming.

With laptops and tablets, upgrading is a much more difficult proposition. You’re essentially stuck with the components you have. So when a new game comes out with greater minimum performance requirements, you’ll need to buy a new mobile device to play it.

    1. Video editing. This is one special function that requires a lot of muscle, and the desktop PC is the only system with the brawn to do it properly. Many people nowadays shoot videos for personal or small business use. And now you have lots of programs that let you add various digital effects to your videos, such as captions and animations.

When you do HD video editing, your PC deals with each frame in the video and stitches them all together, while it also factors in the audio track. All these tasks require a very powerful processor, a huge memory, a bigger storage, and even a large monitor for clearer viewing.

To see the results of your editing changes on a laptop, you’ll need to wait maybe 20 minutes. With a PC, it may only take about 5 minutes. When you’re dealing with numerous videos, you’re talking about hours of time wasted.

  1. Media center. Here you don’t need high performance. What you need is high storage capability, which is much easier on a PC. An HD video can take up as much as 1GB of space, so on a laptop a bunch of movies will quickly fill up a hard disk.
  2. Home server. A home server is a computer that stores applications and data for other computers to access. This can either be through a home network or through the Internet. Again, the bigger storage capacity of the desktop PC comes into play.

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